What Does “Offer Pending” Mean?

At Roadie, Drivers are matched with deliveries using our proprietary Gig Matching algorithm. In order to be considered for a Gig, you first need to place an offer. Offering on a Gig is how you show your interest and availability. Please note, only one offer on a Gig is accepted. The algorithm takes into account many factors when it chooses a driver.

“Offer pending” means that our algorithm is currently analyzing your offer against the offers of other drivers on the platform in order to find the best match for the delivery. You’ll be notified in fifteen minutes or less if your offer to complete the Gig was accepted

For an in-depth look at Gig Matching, visit here.

You may find that your first offer is pending for a while. This may be because your consumer report is still being run. When you formed your account, you granted Roadie permission to obtain your consumer report and/or investigative consumer report. To learn more about Consumer Reports, visit here.


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.