What is a “Trailer Required” Gig?

You may see that some Gigs require a Trailer Required certification. These Gigs typically consist of either long-dimension items or heavy items, such as lawnmowers or large timber. To ensure the Driver has enough vehicle space for the delivery and the ability to load and unload these items safely, Senders may require that drivers provide a trailer. You’ll see if the Gig requires a trailer under Delivery Options.

Senders who post Gigs labeled “Trailer Required (Hitch OK)” may have trailers available to rent at the pickup location if you do not have your own trailer. If you don’t have a trailer, you must call the Sender to confirm a trailer is available prior to offering on the Gig. Roadie does not provide drivers with trailers and doesn’t control whether a Sender provides trailers for rent. Neither Senders nor Roadie will reimburse you for any costs or other liability you may incur in renting or using a trailer.


Driver Trailer Certification Process

Any Gig that requires a certification will have a section labeled “Required Certifications.” From there, you can tap on the certification and follow the on-screen prompts.

In order to receive the Trailer Required certification, you must provide images of your trailer for manual review by the Roadie Team. You submit these images via a Typeform link in the Roadie app. Once the Typeform has been submitted, Roadie will verify the information submitted for review.

Drivers who do not have trailers but have hitches may also apply for a hitch-only version of the Trailer Required certification by offering on a Trailer Required (Hitch OK) Gig. Drivers will be asked to confirm their vehicle has a hitch and can tow more than 1500 lbs, and they possess the skills and experience to drive with a trailer. 

To learn more about Driver Certifications, visit here.