How do Promo Codes work?

Roadie frequently runs promotions that allow Senders to get a discount on their next delivery, or even get a completely free delivery.  How sweet is that?!
These Sender discounts are driven by account credits that automatically get added to your Roadie account when you enter a valid promo code into the Roadie app or website.  
Once credits are in your Roadie account, you are free to set up a Gig. When you accept a Driver's offer through our app or website, we’ll prompt you to enter a payment method (either PayPal account or credit card) if we don't already have one on file.  This is required of all Senders, whether or not you have credits on your account, so don't worry, this doesn't mean that you'll be charged for sending your Gig.  If the cost of your Gig exceeds the credits balance in your account, we'll authorize your payment method for the full price of the delivery. If you have enough credits to cover the entire cost of the Gig, then you won't see an authorization. 
At the point where the selected Driver picks up your Gig, we will deduct your available credits from the price of the gig and charge the remaining balance, if any, to your payment method on file.   
Please feel free to reach out with any credits-related questions you may have.  We're always happy to help!
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