Why does Roadie perform a background check?


At Roadie, protecting our community is a top priority. That’s why we conduct background and Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks on all Drivers prior to their performing their first Gig. 

The background check is private, secure, and completely free for potential Drivers and allows for fast, verified onboarding of Drivers. Roadie has a third-party Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) perform all background and MVR checks.

To complete the background check process, the CRA requires Drivers to provide their Social Security Number in addition to a valid driver’s license and to expressly consent to have their background checked.

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    Francis Ronca

    I have complete a background check. I spoke to a representative about it. They said it was a mistake and unlocked my account. Now I tried to pickup some things and it said background check not complete yet I have the completed ones from checkr.

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    Matt F

    @Francis - please contact our Support team directly at if you need specific help or information regarding your Screenings.  Thanks!

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