What does Roadie's background check include?

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For the safety of our community and at the request of our Senders, Roadie performs a background check on all Drivers prior to their being able to perform their first Gig. You may not drive on the Roadie Platform if you do not pass the background check.

The background check includes national, state and local criminal checks, sex offender registry checks, and obtaining your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). The background check also includes verification that (1) you have a valid Social Security Number, and (2) you are not listed on the comprehensive list of terrorists and groups identified under Executive Order 13224 (US Terrorist List), and (3) you are not listed on one or more of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security’s Lists of Persons of Concern (BIS Persons of Concern List).

Before we begin a background check, we require your consent. To start the process, we require Drivers to provide a valid driver’s license and Social Security Number.

In order to pass the background checks, Drivers must have:

  • A valid, active, permanent (not permit) U.S. drivers license
  • A valid Social Security Number
  • No major moving violations, such as DUIs or reckless driving, in the past five years
  • No more than three minor moving violations, such as speeding tickets or failure to obey traffic laws, in the past three years
  • No drug-related convictions in the past five years
  • No cell phone or distracted driving violations in the past year
  • No computer, identity theft or Internet-related crime at any time
  • No violent crimes, sexual offenses, or theft at any time
  • No felony convictions at any time

If a Driver’s background check discloses pending charge or charges for any crime or other violation of law that would otherwise cause the Driver not to pass the background check, such pending charge(s) may be used in determining whether or not a Driver has passed the background check, to the extent such use is not prohibited under any federal or applicable state or local law or regulation.  

If a pending charge causes a Driver to fail the background check, and such charge is later dropped or the Driver is acquitted of the same, or if the Driver’s circumstances change after the last time they had a background check, the Driver is encouraged to sign up and have another background check run thereafter.

Additionally, in order to pass the background check, Drivers cannot be listed on either the US Terrorist List, or on any BIS Persons of Concern List where dealings with you would violate US Export Administration Regulations.

The background check is free of charge, and there is no credit check.

All Drivers who consent to a background check will receive a complimentary copy of their background check report from the CRA by email within 30 days of completion.

For more information on the background check process, please read the Background Check Disclosure, FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) rules and our Terms and Conditions.

In order to be eligible to perform certain Gigs and to help protect against theft and fraud, Drivers may be asked to submit additional personal information to verify their identity, including biometric information or identifiers such as a selfie, scan of their driver’s license and/or other government ID or photo, scan of their face, facial patterns, fingerprints, and voice or typing cadence (“biometric data”).

Roadie uses various third party technology, tools and services to collect your personal information and biometric data from you.  For more information on how your personal information and biometric data are used and disclosed, please see our Privacy Policy at https://www.roadie.com/privacy.