Roadie social media guidelines

Roadie maintains certain social media pages and feeds.  By maintaining these social media pages, Roadie intends to build a welcoming community where everyone can engage in meaningful dialogue with one another.  Our goal is to post and have posted relevant, interesting content and we welcome Your comments, suggestions, and feedback.  However, we want all Users who contribute to Roadie’s social media pages and feeds to be able to express their opinions freely and feel comfortable entering into informed debate and discussion.  When posting, commenting, or otherwise interacting or engaging with Roadie’s social media pages, You agree to the following guidelines:


There are certain topics that cannot be discussed on Roadie’s social media pages and feeds, and posts, comments, responses and/or links containing these topics may be deleted, and/or discussions redirected or curtailed. By way of example, you may not post content of any type that contains:

  • Images or videos that are obscene, sexually explicit, profane, vulgar, or hateful in nature and/or promote racism, sexism, hatred or harm against any person, organization or company, including Roadie, its personnel, its customers or other users.
  • Threats against any person, organization or company, including Roadie, its personnel, its customers or other users.
  • Defames, harasses, or abuses any person, including Roadie personnel.
  • Successive off-topic posts by a single user.
  • Or constitutes spam.
  • Links, images or videos that encourage illegal or dangerous activities.
  • Any materials that infringe upon the rights of any third party, including Roadie, its personnel, its customers or other users.
  • Confidential or proprietary information of any person, organization or company, including Roadie, its personnel, its customers or other users.
  • False or misleading comments or claims about Roadie, its affiliates, its customers or its competitors.

The above list is not intended to be inclusive of every category of content that violates or may violate these Social Media Guidelines. Roadie reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete any content that may violate these Guidelines, and/or block any User who posts such content. 


Community members are responsible for their own content. The opinions, statements, and viewpoints expressed by community members do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Roadie. Roadie does not endorse and is not responsible for any third-party content posted to our social media pages and feeds.



Roadie’s social media page(s) or feed(s) will occasionally link to User Content or third-party content to share the most up-to-date information with the community. Following these links may take you to materials or content that does not necessarily reflect the views of Roadie and was not originated by Roadie. Content that makes up these sites and articles is not the responsibility of Roadie and does not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs or endorsement of the company. Roadie disclaims all liability concerning the accuracy and reliability of any such content.



Roadie does not accept any unsolicited ideas from outside the company including without limitation suggestions about advertising, promotion or merchandising of our products, additions to our product lines, services, or changes in methods of doing business. We may already be working on or may in the future work on a similar idea. This policy eliminates concerns about ownership of such ideas. If, notwithstanding this policy, you submit an unsolicited idea to Roadie’s social media page(s) or feed(s), you understand and acknowledge that such idea is not submitted in confidence and Roadie assumes no obligation, expressed or implied, by considering it. 



Please note that Roadie social media page(s) or feed(s) are not intended as a place for receiving consumer complaints. If you have any questions about any Roadie product or service, you can visit our Help Center

These Guidelines are subject to revision by Roadie and may be modified from time to time, without notice.


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.