Prohibited items and suspicious locations

Roadie takes the safety of Drivers, Senders, and Recipients extremely seriously. If you discover a Prohibited Item or suspect there is a Prohibited Item in the Gig, or are instructed to pick up or deliver to a suspicious location, please follow the below best practices. Of course, every situation is different so always use your best judgment to ensure your safety. 


  1. Cancel the Gig. First and foremost, you are always free to cancel or decline a Gig if the Sender or the Gig itself makes you uncomfortable, or if the pickup location looks abandoned or you see suspicious or potentially illegal activity.
  2. Go to a Safe Place. If you feel unsafe declining the Gig due to pressure from a Sender or the general circumstances surrounding the pickup, you may accept the Gig and immediately drive to a safe location before taking any action.
  3. Suspicious Delivery Locations. If you arrive at a delivery location and the location looks abandoned or suspicious, please immediately drive to a safe place before taking any action.
  4. Contact Roadie’s Trust & Safety Team. Once you are in a safe place and have confirmed your immediate well-being, please promptly alert Roadie’s Trust & Safety team of the incident by submitting an incident report, along with all details and photos, at the link below. We will investigate, follow up, and take appropriate action.
  5. Alert Law Enforcement. If the Prohibited Item is an illicit substance, illegal, or if you otherwise feel that it poses an imminent threat to you or someone else’s safety, you should call 911 or bring the item to the nearest police station, and file a police report. You should also alert law enforcement if you see any illegal or potentially illegal activity at either the pickup or drop-off locations.


Submit an Incident Report


Thank you for reporting this to us so that we can ensure the safety of the Roadie community and platform.


 If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.