Information for Drivers at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)



If you offer to complete a Gig at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, please familiarize yourself with the below information, as required by the airport. This information pertains only to Drivers who complete Gigs at the Las Vegas airport.


In order to provide delivery services at LAS, the Airport requires that you comply with the Driver Manual and obtain, maintain and carry on your person a Clark County Business License for Driver-Independent Contractors at all times while providing delivery services at the Airport.

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JANUARY 18, 2023


  1. TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENTS: Roadie, Inc drivers are allowed to operate at Harry Reid International Airport and related airport facilities (collectively, the “Airport”) through a separate operating permit (“Roadie, Inc Operating Permit”) with the Clark County Department of Aviation (“CCDOA”). Therefore, when operating at the Airport, Roadie, Inc drivers must strictly comply with the following transportation requirements as well as those outlined in the Roadie, Inc Operating Permit and Operating Directive 01-2-R006 (see online version at
    • Always have Roadie, Inc App open while on Airport property.
    • Always properly display Roadie, Inc’s Trade Dress, affixing it to the lower right side of the front windshield.
    • Always use the Roadie, Inc’s App in order to properly record the activities and status of the Baggage Delivery Order (BDO).
    • Driver must present information upon request by Airport personnel. This includes viewing the Roadie Inc.’s App for the BDO on the driver’s cellular phone, a physical copy of the waybill or charter document, or any other method to validate the driver’s purpose for being on Airport property.
    • Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a Notice of Parking Infraction issued to the operator/driver’s vehicle. Drivers found to be in violation of said requirements may receive more severe penalties up to and including termination of their activity on Airport property.
    • Driver must conduct their business inside the terminal 1 at Baggage Claim when retrieving baggage.
    • Driver must pay all required parking fees after completion of business and upon exiting the parking garage.


2. DESIGNATED AREAS AND DESCRIPTION: Drivers have the non-exclusive right of reasonable ingress to and egress from the Designated Areas, including common-use roadways. Drivers are subject to any rules or security regulations which may have been established or shall be established in the future by the CCDOA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and/or State of Nevada

  • Designated Pick Up Area:
    • Terminal 1 Level 1 of the Public Parking Garage only- Short Term


3. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: Driver hereby accepts and agrees that conducting any of the following prohibited activities may result in the issuance of a Notice of Infraction to the driver or immediate suspension and/or termination or denial of access of the driver to the Airport, including being trespassed, at the sole discretion of the CCDOA, as well as may result in the suspension of the Roadie, Inc Operating Permit. The list below is not intended to be inclusive of all prohibited activities and does not supersede any other instructions or prohibitions set forth in the Roadie, Inc Operating Permit, Airport Rules and Regulations or Operating Directives. The following activities are prohibited while operating under this Permit:


  1. Drivers will not solicit customers in any form by vocally calling out or using any other means of attracting customers, nor solicit on behalf of any motel, hotel, day or night club, etc for any other activity other than purpose for being on property.
  2. Drivers will not utilize any other person or agent, including but not limited to Airport skycaps, baggage check persons, passengers or any other employees to bring bags/luggage out to them from the Terminal. Driver must retrieve the items in person.
  3. Drivers will not operate on Airport property without an activated Roadie, Inc Application, approved Trade Dress affixed to the lower right side of the front windshield.
  4. Drivers will not display Trade Dress when not on-duty. If Trade Dress is displayed while on Airport property, the driver is presumed to be on-duty as a Roadie, Inc Driver and must follow all the Airport’s rules.
  5. If a Roadie, Inc Driver’s Trade Dress is displayed and that driver uses either Passenger Pickup curbs or any public parking facility, including Employee parking areas, the driver will be issued a Notice of Parking Infraction.
  6. Drivers will not use profane, vulgar language or participate in offensive conduct directed at the public and/or any Airport personnel.
  7. Drivers will not feed birds or other animals on Airport property.
  8. Any form of littering is strictly prohibited.
  9. Damaging or defacing any Airport property, or failing to properly report such damage to the appropriate Airport staff, is prohibited.
  10. Failing to give, Airport personnel’s request, the driver’s correct name, is prohibited.
  11. Failing to immediately comply with requests from Airport personnel or local law enforcement, to provide proof of insurance, license and registration, Waybill, or confirmation that the Roadie, Inc App is activated while on Airport property or within the Airport Geo-Fence Tracking Areas is prohibited.
  12. Refusing to follow directions given by Airport personnel is prohibited.
  13. Using or possessing any alcoholic beverages, dangerous drugs or narcotics while on Airport property is prohibited.
  14. Any attempt to bypass Roadie, Inc App is prohibited.
  15. Any violation of any Airport Rules and Regulations or Operating Directives is prohibited.
  16. Any violation of any term or obligation in the Roadie, Inc Operating Permit is prohibited.
  17. Roadie, Inc and/or Roadie, Inc Drivers are prohibited from wrapping or using any other material on the exterior of a Roadie, Inc Vehicle to advertise or promote third party goods or services for pay or other consideration.
  18. Picking up baggage at any other Airport location, other than the Designated Area(s). (Terminal 1- Baggage Claim) is strictly prohibited.

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