How much will I be paid per Gig?

Roadie fees are calculated based on a combination of factors, including mileage and size. The price of Gigs is determined in advance of each Gig, so you can browse Gigs by price, location, distance and size to determine which Gigs you want. Most local Gigs will pay between $8 and $50, and long distance Gigs with oversized items can pay up to $650. Not only is Roadie a great way to recoup your gas and travel costs, but you can write off mileage on your taxes for places you were driving anyway!

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    braulio arias

    Where do I sign in

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    lincoln lynn

    There is a large load that drives from Lexington ky. To far past Chicago, over 400 miles, and the gig only pays 113 dollars? That wouldn’t even cover gas much less your time. Is that all you make in this app?

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    Charmin Xtra

    lincoln lynn: It's not supposed to. The entire point is that it's only for people that are already making the trip, so you've missed the entire concept completely. It's like if my friend was travelling down to Florida for vacation, and I ask him to take a little gift I got for my Aunt on my last trip overseas and drop it off to her. Your reaction would be like him getting upset not just that I'm not paying the entirety of the gas for his vacation travel but a wage for the time he spends driving down to his vacation as well. From what I've seen, they get paid a good amount more than the gas it costs for the mileage added to the trip they're already taking (and they require you to tell them what your trip is for just that reason and so people like you who miss the point don't treat this like a normal delivery job and get pissed and give bad reviews over their compensation) and a decent wage for the time added onto their trip. I had a guy deliver me a home depot order that added less than 10 minutes time to his trip and was like 2 miles out of the way get paid 8 dollars for it, which works out to the price of gas, maintenance, initial car costs and everything else (about 50 cents per mile on average for higher end cars) and get paid the equivalent of 42 dollars an hour on top of that for his time. 

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