How much does Roadie cost?

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The cost to send with Roadie depends on a number of factors, including item size and distance. Because Drivers are already heading that way, many Senders find that we're a faster, cheaper, and more convenient option to send anything from cupcakes to couches.The price we quote is the price you pay — no hidden fees, no last-minute surcharges, and no handling costs.

Roadie also doesn't require you to package your items before shipping. That means there's no reason to waste money or time on bubble wrap, boxes, or packing supplies.

All Roadie Gigs are automatically insured up to $500 with the option to purchase additional coverage up to $10,000. Roadie partners with UPS Capital to offer this extra level of protection.

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    What is the benefit of using Roadie over using UPS? 

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