What kind of auto insurance do I need?

A  Driver must have a current auto insurance policy that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements in the state where the Driver's vehicle is registered and that covers the Driver’s performance of Gigs on the Platform.   

A Driver must have such auto insurance PRIOR to offering on Gigs.  A Driver will not be allowed to deliver Gigs and will be removed from the Platform if the Driver does not have adequate auto insurance coverage.  A Driver must carry proof of all required auto insurance coverage at all times while performing Gigs and must provide the same to Roadie and/or other authorities and officials upon request.

While only your insurance carrier can tell you what coverage is required in your state, many Drivers carry commercial insurance to protect themselves against liability in the event of an accident. Roadie recommends checking with your insurance carrier to confirm coverage requirements before driving a Gig.

Drivers must also provide Roadie with the necessary contacts with their insurance carrier in the event of a motor vehicle accident or other claim related to a Gig.


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.