What if something comes up, and I can no longer deliver a Gig I've been assigned?

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We know that life happens and sometimes the trips you were planning to make can change or get canceled, which may result in you not being able to make a delivery any more.

If you have offered on a Gig but haven't been matched yet, you can cancel your offer within the Roadie App. 

If you’ve already been matched with a Gig, communication is key. Contact Roadie Support so they can let the Sender know what’s happening. After that, you can then cancel your offer so the Platform can assign another driver. Make to sure to tap the "Get Help" button to let Roadie Support know of the change, so they can help the Sender find another driver.

Keep in mind that cancellations impact Senders and other members of the Roadie community. Too many cancellations will prompt an internal review and may lead to suspension and/or permanent termination of your Roadie account.