How do I send something?

From cupcakes to couches, you can send just about anything that's legal through Roadie via our website or mobile app. Download our iOS or Android mobile app or visit to send something. You can get an instant estimate in seconds, then follow the prompts to post your item, which we call a "Gig". Roadie is faster and easier than traditional shipping options, since you don't have to worry with exact dimensions or weights. Just choose an approximate size and provide whatever details you think the driver will need to know to deliver your item. Once your item is posted, you'll receive offers from Verified Drivers, each with ratings and profile details you can review. Choose the driver you like, and you're all set! Drivers will use the Roadie app to let you know when they're on the way, and you can track your item's progress in real-time in the Roadie app or at Want to see how it works? Check out our Roadie App 101 video at:

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