Does Roadie offer protection for a Gig?

Yes. Under the Roadie Protection Plan, Roadie offers Gig protection up to $500 at no additional cost. If the value of your Gig exceeds $500, Senders have the option to purchase additional protection in $500 increments, up to $10,000. The cost for extra coverage is $5 for every additional $500 in protection. We partner with UPS Capital to add this extra level of protection, meaning that your delivery will be backed by the very same protection as parcels delivered by UPS.


We strongly encourage you to purchase additional protection if the total value of your Gig exceeds $500. If you do not purchase additional protection, you do so at your own risk.


When you post a delivery to the Roadie community, the value you declare is the maximum amount  Roadie’s will cover you for loss or damage. Unless you purchase additional protection, Roadie will not reimburse you for loss or damage — no matter how many items are in the Gig or the actual value for any items included in the Gig.


If any items are damaged or lost during a Gig, please contact the Roadie Pit Crew by emailing

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