Does Roadie reimburse Senders for loss, damage, or theft to items in a Gig?

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Yes. Roadie wants you to feel confident that your Gig is in good hands. The Roadie Protection Plan will reimburse you for your actual costs to replace or repair any items of personal property lost or damaged, or stolen during a Gig if arising directly from a Driver’s negligence or willful misconduct, up to a maximum of $100.00 per Gig.  Such maximum applies no matter how many items are included in the Gig.

If the total value of all items included in your Gig exceeds $100, Senders have the option to purchase additional protection as further described in the Roadie Terms and Conditions.

When you post a delivery request on the Roadie Platform, you are required to declare a total value for all items in your Gig.  No matter the value you declare, $100 is the maximum amount Roadie will reimburse you for loss, damage or theft to items in your Gig, unless you purchase additional protection.

Roadie strongly encourages all Senders to purchase additional protection if the total value of your Gig exceeds $100. If you do not purchase additional protection, you do so at your own risk.  However, the Roadie Protection Plan limits a Sender’s recovery for loss or damage to certain items and these limits apply whether or not you purchased Additional Protection.

Further details regarding the additional protection can be found in the Roadie Terms and Conditions, including cost, limitations and restrictions. 

If any of your items are damaged, lost or stolen during a Gig, please contact Roadie Support by emailing