How to Submit a Feature Request

Something missing in our app? Have an idea on how we can make the Roadie experience better?

Post it in the "Request Feature" section of this site or send us an email to and let us know what you're thinking about.

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    Lisa L

    PC support is essential for Roadie to succeed. Drivers and frequent senders will download the app (unless the app is incompatible with their phone). However, the the occasional sender who doesn't want to hassle with an app will go straight to UPS or FedEx or the post office. Think about it: if you've heard of Roadie but just want to send one package one time, what would you choose? Not Roadie.

    This is to say nothing of the added convenience for senders and drivers to be able to manage their accounts comfortably. It should be possible for both parties to arrange a delivery without ever having to touch a phone if they don't wish to.

    I, for one, had signed up with Roadie but later replaced a broken phone with a older used one which can't install Roadie. I just bought a truck and was eager to start delivering packages. Oops. So much for Roadie dreams.

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