How does Roadie keep my personal information and data secure?

Roadie takes data security very seriously and we are committed to keeping your data secure. Roadie recommends that you read our Privacy Policy, which sets forth our privacy practices and describes the information we collect, how it is used and shared, how it is protected and your rights with respect to your information collected by us. 


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    Erin A

    Do potential customers have any! access to my drivers license info,car insurance info,my physical address(exact address),vehicle info(or what part,and access to my paypal or bank account?

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    Matt F

    Hi Erin, 

    Absolutely not!  The only info we provide to general community members is the info on your public profile (first name, picture, biography, vehicle type, ratings, and reviews).  Once you have been accepted for a Gig as either a Sender or Driver, we'll share your phone number with the other party, but that's only a one-to-one communication.  All other info is kept totally secure and private.  Hope this answers any concerns you have!

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