What if I don't see many available Gigs in my area?

Never fear!  Gigs are removed from the map as soon as there is a match between Sender and Roadie driver, so you might need to engage with the app more frequently to get access to newly posted Gigs before other Roadie drivers take them.  

You can do this in a couple ways: 

  • Enable Notification Preferences to get alerted when a Gig has been created that meets your criteria.  This can be based on your current location, your home address, and even trips that you're planning to take!
  • Check out the Available Gigs tab to see local and long-distance Gigs that are available for drivers.  

And remember, Gigs are being added across the country every day as our community continues to grow.

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    Joshua Dank

    I currently drive for a rideshare service in my area and have been considering using business cards as a way to advertise. Would I be able to also advertise for Roadie using business cards? I am in the Central Iowa area and check the Roadie app often for any Gigs. The closest Gigs I have seen are in the Twin Cities. I would love to stir up some Gigs in Iowa, but need to know if I am able to use the Roadie logo on business cards or flyers. I travel fairly often around the Midwest and would love to help out all the potential senders in the area. Unfortunately, no one seems to be aware of the app yet!

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