How do I file a claim?

A claim must be filed by the Sender of the Gig within 3 business days of the Gig being delivered.

To file a claim, follow these simple steps:

  1. Collect proof of value documentation for the item(s) that are part of the Claim.
  2. Collect pictures of the item(s) that are part of the Claim.
  3. For a Claim related to damaged item(s), obtain AND keep the damaged item(s).  If Roadie Inc. pays out on a Claim, Roadie Inc. will need to collect the damaged item(s).
  4. Fill out all fields on the Claim Form.
  5. Email the completed Claim Form, proof of value documentation, and all pictures of the damaged item(s) to

For more detailed FAQs about the Claim process, see the Claims FAQs.  

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