How do I file a claim for loss, damage, or theft to my Gig?

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As a Sender, you must file a claim within three business days of the Gig being delivered. To file a claim:

  • Collect proof of value documentation for the items that are part of the claim.
  • Collect pictures of the items that are part of the claim.
  • For a claim related to damaged items, obtain and keep the damaged items. If Roadie pays out on a claim, Roadie will need to collect the items.
  • Fill out all fields on the claim form.
  • Email the completed claim form, proof of value documentation, and all pictures of the damaged items to

When submitting a claim, you must fully complete a claim form and fully cooperate with Roadie in investigating the claim and provide such information and documentation as Roadie shall reasonably request.  Roadie will have no liability to you, and no responsibility to pay on your claim, if you do not cooperate with Roadie in investigating the claim.

Most claims will be resolved within ten (10) business days after we receive your completed claim form and supporting documentation. Roadie will notify you of its decision and the amount to be paid to you. After you sign a simple release, Roadie will issue you a check, credit your PayPal account, or replace the item for you, all at Roadie’s option. Roadie’s decision regarding your claim is final and cannot be appealed.