How does a Gig work?

After your offer is accepted by the Sender, you'll need to complete the Gig in a few simple steps within the Roadie app.
First, you'll need to indicate that you're on the way to pickup location.  
Then, once you get to the pickup location, you'll take a picture of the item(s) to show that pickup has been completed.  This image will be used to ensure the item(s) is delivered in the same condition that it is picked up in.
After pickup, you'll make your way to the delivery location.  Once you arrive at the delivery location, you might be prompted to have the recipient sign for the delivery (this requirement can change from Gig to Gig depending on the Sender's preference).  If you're prompted for a signature, tap the Signature icon and turn your phone over for the recipient to sign with their finger. If the recipient isn't the person listed in the gig, you will be prompted to type in their name as well.  
After obtaining the Delivery Signature (if needed),  take a "proof of delivery" photo to confirm the delivery has been completed.  After this, you're good to go!
We'll process payment for your Gig at the end of the next business day, and then it usually takes 3 - 5 business days for the deposit to show up in your bank account.

Easy, right?
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