How does Gig sizing work?

Roadie uses a straightforward size classification system, starting with Small (fits in a shoebox) and going all the way to Huge (requires a pickup truck).  
But how big is too big for a Roadie Gig?  It’s important to remember that Roadie Drivers are not movers and most of them do not have the space to carry an entire apartment of items from one location to another.  While a dresser, lamp, three boxes, and a headboard can definitely work for a Huge Gig, you won't have much luck if you're trying to ship an entire bedroom suite through Roadie in a single Gig.
If you have a lot of furniture that needs to be transported, we recommend creating multiple Gigs that split large loads into more manageable loads.  Not only will this be easier when it comes to loading your items into the Driver's vehicle, but it'll also attract more Drivers who have the ability to deliver the items for you.   
If you’re not sure how to size your Gig, feel free to reach out to Roadie Support and we’ll be happy to help you organize each delivery to get the best experience possible.
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