How do I create a Pet Gig?

Creating a Pet Gig is a lot like creating a standard Gig but with a few added steps to insure the safety of your pet and the Driver taking your pet to its destination.

When creating the Gig you’ll want to choose ‘Pet’ for size. I know it’s tempting to choose the pet's actual size, but the ‘Pet’ size is what helps us find the pre-qualified Pet Drivers first! 

After you enter in the delivery details, you’ll be prompted to provide two very valuable pieces of documentation: your pet’s Health Certificate and Vaccine Certificate. Both of these items should be available from your veterinarian.  We only require you take a picture of each document to load into the Gig rather than have them on hand for the Driver. (This means you can usually call your vet and see if they can text you the pic versus having to drive down and make copies.)

After you've handled these steps, you’re free to post your Gig and await Driver offers! If you run into any trouble, feel free to give us a shout at support@roadie.come and we’ll be happy to help!


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