What do I do if I'm no longer able to deliver a Gig that I've been accepted for?

We know that life happens and sometimes the trips you were planning on making can change or get canceled, which may result in you not being able to make a delivery any more. If you have offered on a Gig but haven't heard back from the Sender, you can delete your offer within the Roadie app so the Sender can then choose from the other drivers who are able to deliver. 

If you’ve already been selected for the Gig, communication is key. Make sure that you let the Sender know what’s happening and that you’re unable to make the delivery. After that, you can then cancel your offer so the Sender can choose another Driver.

Keep in mind that cancellations impact Senders and other members of the Roadie community, so you should limit your cancellations as much as possible.   


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