What picture must I take at pick-up and drop-off?

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As a Driver, you're required to take pictures of all items contained in the Gig at the pick-up and drop off locations to record the condition of the Gig when you pick it up and when you drop it off.  The pictures should clearly show the condition of the items in the Gig at pick up and drop off. The drop off image should also provide adequate proof that the Gig was delivered to the right location.

These images are very important to the Gig delivery flow to ensure that the Driver is fulfilling their side of the Gig.  If your pictures are not clear, a Driver may be held liable for any loss, damage or theft to any items in the Gig, and Roadie may withhold payment to you while any claim for loss, damage or theft to the Gig is investigated.

If a Gig was handed directly to the recipient but requires a delivery photo, do not take a photo of the recipient but instead take a photo of the delivery location (such as the front of the house) and include a Delivery Note that says "handed directly to recipient".  This will be helpful if the Sender has any questions after delivery.