Can I ask for more money on a Gig?

Roadie is an "on-the-way" delivery service. This means that the payment for a Gig is based on the Driver already heading in the delivery direction. We know that some Drivers may desire a bit more of a payout for a Gig, but asking for more on a Gig is discouraged. Senders are given the ability to add a little extra to a Gig if they so choose, but they’re not expected to pay anything outside of the quote Roadie gives them.

Drivers who regularly follow the standard process are usually chosen over someone who requests a higher payout for the delivery. If a Driver repeatedly asks for more money on Gigs, their account will be considered for suspension.

Keep in mind that if a Gig doesn’t seem worth it based on your current travel plans, you are totally free to pass on it and wait for the next one that fits your travel plans. Roadie Drivers aren’t required to take a certain number or percentage of Gigs, so feel free to just wait for the right Gig that fits your plans.


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