Help! My license won’t scan!

Becoming a new Roadie Driver is super exciting - and nothing can deflate that like a roadblock telling you that your license cannot be scanned. This is an issue we see time to time, most commonly associated with how the scan is taken versus the actual license being unable to be scanned. If you happen to run into this issue, we have some helpful hints to get you back on track!

The first step is to log-out of the app and then log back in. This resets the app and helps flush your app data to re-scan your license. From there, navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab and select ‘Become a Roadie Driver’.

A good license scan starts with lighting. While you don’t need an entire studio’s worth of equipment to scan your ID, a good naturally lit room is a good start. If you aren’t in a place with a lot of natural lighting from the outdoors, the brightness of a bathroom works just as well.

Lay your license on a dark surface. This creates a clearly defined outer edge on your license for the scan to pick up on.

When you’re lining your ID up with the guide in the Roadie app, tap the screen a few times to make sure your camera is focused on your ID and not the dark background behind it.

The final step is to get a good head-on image of your license. This ensures a clear front-facing scan with easy-to-read information. You may have to adjust the angle slightly to avoid capturing the holograms on your ID - and that’s totally fine! Just make sure we have a clear image for the scan 

If you’re still having trouble scanning your license, reach out to the Roadie team and we’ll get you taken care of!


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    Pablo Bernal

    Try using the flashlight button included in the scan page.

    That helped me.

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