The Driver Dashboard

The Driver Dashboard is the best place to find everything you need to be a successful Driver on our platform. It is the home of all of your driver stats including: 

  • Year-to-Date mileage and payment information
  • End-of-Year Tax Documents
  • Training and How-To videos
  • Roadie News and Product updates

Check out this short video for a walkthrough on how to use the dashboard:

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    Richard Corkum

    I went to pick up a huge gig. I got my trailer and everything. When I got to the Tractor Supply store they told me the manager had just left to take the tractor to the customer. This posting had been up all day and there was not a time frame on it and the manager at the Tractor Supply store knew I was coming. I call Roadie support because this is a $100 gig. The manager never canceled the order so when I called Roadie support my delivery was still going. The rude girl on the phone for Roadie said "yep I'm cancelling it, the item wasn't there you will get a $8 courtesy fee that we don't even have to give you". It cost me a whole lot more in gas, wear and tear on my trailer getting there and time. I lost money on this gig. No more Roadie for me! Be careful. Roadie does not have your back and they do not care!

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    Roadie App Keeps Stopping


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    Yevgeny Kopobov

    This company is a scum.they are paying by small portion instead of transfer money once week.this is very difficult to track exact amount what they owe.also instead of including tolls in the price of gig they demand a receipt for every trip toll payment it is annoying and they at no hurry to reimburse money for a tolls.they owe me 280 dol for one week of work in you have to wait for your hard earnings money about two weeks I don't mention on tear and wear of your car milage and about 300 dollars of gas and they try to hold reimbursement as longest they can do it.also they charge very low customer for personal delivery,we are not a moving company and they are paying shit for it.for example 1000 miles ride only 300 dollars this is really a scum.we need bring a class action suit against this cheap garbage company.also they deactivate you right way without any explanation if you are not agree with their robbery practice.

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    Raul Gomez

    Where is my last paymen roadie $53.11 plss im begging you

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