Why am I not getting selected for Gigs?

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Sometimes getting selected for Gigs can be tough. Our Gig Matching algorithm considers many different factors to find the right driver and with multiple drivers bidding on the same Gig, the competition can be high. A few characteristics Gig Matching looks for are:

  • vehicle size
  • proximity to the pickup location
  • average delivery speed
  • current number of active Gigs
  • ... and more!

There is no one factor that is more important than the others so, even if a driver is standing right at the pickup location, that doesn't guarantee they'll get the Gig. The difference between two drivers may be very small, but still enough for our system to make a match.

We get how frustrating this can be. Unfortunately, you will not be matched with every Gig you offer on. However, we are constantly making tweaks to the system to better serve the drivers on our platform, while also providing faster delivery for our Senders.

For a deeper dive into what our Gig Matching algorithm looks for, check out this support article!