Why am I not getting selected for gigs?

Sometimes getting selected for Roadie gigs can be tough. We have a lot of very qualified drivers on our platform competing for the same deliveries. With multiple drivers bidding on the same gig, the competition is high. Our matching system looks at a lot of different things to find the right driver. Drivers who are closer to the pickup location, have faster average delivery times, or are not currently driving Gigs will most likely have a slight edge over the rest. There is no one factor that is more important than the others so, even if you are standing at the pickup location, it must take all drivers into consideration. The difference between two drivers may be very small, but still enough for our system to make a match.

We get how frustrating this can be, especially for Drivers who continually bid on Gigs and are not selected. Unfortunately, you will not be matched on every Gig you offer on. But we are constantly making tweaks to the system to better serve our Drivers, while also providing faster delivery for our Senders.

For a deeper dive into what our matching system looks at when choosing a driver, check out this blog post

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    Kaharee payton

    I have been trying to get gigs but it says my rating is to low but I just began how can I get the jobs

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     I have the same question about not getting any driver need gigs to build a working relationship with companies'.... also and my pictures is side ways LOL

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    Hui Djie

    The apps says on the go job or pick up job on the way, but it always gave me job offer that is farther than what I tried to give an offer like less than 5 minutes from where I am. It is so ridiculous couple jobs were on home depot that is like 5 minutes and only 7 miles away from me, but they rejected my offer, instead they accepted or gave me an offer for a job that was like 25 miles away or 45 minutes from where I am.

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    Brian McEwen

    I am also rejected 10-15 times a day for gigs I am near but am always accepted for lower paying gigs that are farther away.

    I drive a truck so I know I can handle any gig I offer on, yet rejected over and over.

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