Does Roadie reimburse for Tolls and Parking?

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Depending on where you're picking up from, absolutely! For our enterprise partners (such as Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Home Depot) we will definitely reimburse for any tolls or parking expenses you incur while on the Gig. Keep your receipts and you will be prompted to upload a photo of the receipt and amount along with your delivery photo and the end of the Gig. 

Here are some things to remember:

  • Only tolls and parking fees incurred while on an active delivery will be reimbursed. This means from the pickup location to the delivery location.
  • Tolls/Parking that have been paid for with cash/credit/debit require a receipt for reimbursement.
  • If you use a monthly toll service, such as E-ZPass, SunPass, or PeachPass, you are still eligible for reimbursement. When you are able to view your monthly statement, send us a copy of the statement (preferably in pdf format) making sure to notate which expenses go with which completed Gigs and we will review and reimburse as normal. 
  • You must turn in your receipts and request reimbursement within 15 days of completing your Gig.

If you happen to miss the opportunity to upload your toll or parking receipt when you are completing your Gig, email Roadie Support ( a photo of the receipt, making sure to tell us what Gig it is associated with, and we will do our best to get it processed in a timely manner.