What do I need to know if I'm delivering alcohol?

A Driver must be 21 years of age to deliver any Gig containing wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages.  

When delivering a Gig including wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, a Driver shall request a valid, government-issued identification demonstrating that the Gig recipient is 21 years of age or older. Examples of valid, government-issued IDs are Driver’s licenses, Passports, U.S. military IDs (active duty or retired military and their dependents, and DoD civilians), and Permanent Resident Cards.

When delivering a Gig including wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages, a Driver shall also verify that the Gig recipient is not visibly intoxicated before delivering the Items. Many States have laws prohibiting the delivery of any alcoholic beverages to anyone who is visibly intoxicated and a Driver can be personally liable for doing so. Before offering on a Gig containing any alcoholic beverage a Driver must be familiar with the signs of visible intoxication.

For more information about the requirements to deliver alcohol, please read our Terms and Conditions and watch this video.

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