Can I use both the new version and the previous version at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. Using both apps could cause one or both of them to bug out. If you want to return to using the previous version of the app, complete any current deliveries in the Driver App. Once you do that, you may delete the Driver App and reinstall the previous version of the app. Note that no new updates will be made to the previous version of the app. Please let us know what we can do to improve the Driver App by tapping "Send Feedback" within the app's menu.

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    Tammy Arroyo

    My license number is A1450868 exited on June 16,2023 and I’m trying to get this process going so I can go to work again my phone number is +16618690472.. I’m doing this on my iPhone 7 now.. remove the Moto e on other phone .. I downloaded it and then it went to second driver’s information and won’t go further

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