Driver Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Our delivery service will be critically important for people all across the country in the coming weeks. And while we’re making every effort to respond to that need, our first priority is — as always — the health and safety of our community.

As always, please follow the CDC’s guidelines for hand-washing, disinfecting and sanitizing. Please stay home if you’re feeling at all sick. 

Remember, packages not people. 
One reason drivers prefer Roadie is that they never have to put passengers in their vehicles. That’s especially true in this moment.

We’re encouraging senders to use Doorstep Delivery.
Our app makes it easy for senders to schedule contact-free deliveries. We’re encouraging senders to create Gigs with “Leave at Doorstep” in their delivery instructions whenever possible.

We’re empowering drivers to sign for signature-required Gigs.
If signature confirmation is absolutely required, we’re temporarily allowing you to sign yourself after you complete a delivery (and avoid handing off your phone to someone else). 

 We’ve improved routing for grouped Gigs. 
With increased volume, we know many drivers will be delivering more Gigs than ever. The new Roadie Driver app makes it faster and easier to deliver multiple Gigs at once. To start using routes for multiple Gigs, download the new Roadie Driver app in the App Store or Google Play. You’ll need to delete the current Roadie app from your device, then you’ll see all your account info when you log in.  

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