What do I need to know about pharmacy deliveries?

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Here are a few important details for Drivers to know about pharmacy deliveries:

  1. Due to privacy laws, the only person allowed in the vehicle is the Driver.  No other person may be present during the Gig.  Drivers have special confidentiality obligations for the personal information they may receive when delivering prescription medicine.  Please see the Roadie Terms and Conditions for more details.
  2. There may be more than one package to pick up.  All patients' names will be listed in the pickup notes.  Be sure to pick up all names listed in the pickup notes.
  3. During pickup, you must take a photo of the items being picked up without including the patient name or address in the image.  
  4. During delivery, you must not leave the package unattended.  You must hand deliver the package to a person at the delivery address stated in the App.
  5. All deliveries containing prescription medicine will require a signature.  You must obtain the first and last name of the person you delivered the package to and enter it into the App.  
  6. If ever there is an issue at pickup or delivery, you must call the phone number listed in the pickup or delivery notes to receive direction on how to handle the issue.
  7. If you're unable to complete the delivery for any reason, you must contact Roadie Support or create a return delivery in the App.  Upon arriving back at the pickup pharmacy, you must tell them you are returning the items for disposal