Delivering Food

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What you need to know about delivering food 

Roadie’s top priority is safety – the safety of our driver community and senders, but also the protection of the items we’re delivering. When it comes to delivering groceries, food safety is especially important. Here’s what you need to know.   

Keeping cold foods cold – Cold Chain Compliance

Gigs have a time limit for a reason, but it’s more critical than ever when delivering frozen, refrigerated and perishable items. When cold items start to heat up to room temperature, bacteria can grow and cause the food to become unsafe. 

For this reason, all perishable grocery items must be delivered immediately – no more than 1 hour of picking them up. Bear in mind that any items that must be returned need to be back at the store within the 1-hour window – yet another reason to get to the delivery location as soon as possible. Please keep groceries in a temperature controlled environment. 

Protecting food from contamination 

Even when the world isn’t in quarantine, nobody wants their groceries coughed on. It’s more important than ever to be mindful of protecting items you’re delivering.

Always keep groceries inside their bags. Wear a mask and gloves any time you handle the groceries – and if the items are inside the car with you, keep your mask on for good measure.


The CDC also has issued special guidance for delivery drivers who are delivering food during the pandemic (“What Food and Grocery Pick-Up and Delivery Drivers Need to Know about COVID-19”). Please review these guidelines and  ensure you are following them to keep customers safe. 

We appreciate all you do to keep Roadie food deliveries running smoothly!