Minimum Earnings Guarantee

As a Roadie driver in California, you’ll continue to enjoy the flexibility and control to choose when, where, and how you drive. No matter what you choose, your payment can only go higher with the Minimum Earnings Guarantee.

What stays the same:

  • You’ll continue to receive 100% of the amount customers tip 
  • Whenever you complete a Gig, you’ll still be able to choose between the standard weekly payout and Instant Pay. Whichever you choose, you’ll see the details of all your earnings, tips, and adjustments in the Gig History in your Roadie app. 
  • You’ll get a 1099-MISC form in any calendar year when you earn at least $600, just as you do today.

What’s new:

  • With the Minimum Earnings Guarantee, you’ll earn at least 120% of minimum wage (based on the local minimum wage at the pickup location) for your engaged time, plus $0.30 per mile. Engaged time and mileage are estimated from the time you tap "Start Gig" in the Roadie app and head to pick-up until the time you tap "Complete Delivery" at the dropoff location. If you earn more than the guaranteed minimum, you’ll always keep the extra earnings. Plus, you’ll always keep 100% of your tips, which are above and beyond the guaranteed minimum. 
  • At the end of each earnings period, if your Roadie earnings are less than your guaranteed earnings for the period, Roadie will adjust your total earnings in that period to make up for the difference. There’s nothing you need to do to get the adjustment; the extra payments are added automatically to your payouts and you’ll see that payment listed as a Minimum Earnings Adjustment in your in-app dashboard and your California Earnings Statement. 

Every two weeks, you’ll receive an email with your California Earnings Statement, detailing your total engaged time and earnings for that Earnings Period (14 calendar days), including all Gig payments, mileage payments, reimbursements, gratuities and any guaranteed earnings adjustments. 

What you’ll see:

Let’s say the minimum wage in all the California pickup locations where you drove is $15/hr. Here’s how your guaranteed earnings are calculated: 

Engaged time in current Earnings Period: 10 hours
Total mileage driven for all Gigs in current Earnings Period: 200 miles  
Your actual earnings for all Gigs in the current earnings period: $200
You earned $50 in customer tips

With the Minimum Earnings Guarantee, your total guaranteed earnings for the earnings period is:

Engaged Time X Minimum Wage X 120% 
= 10 hours X $15 minimum wage X 1.2 (120%) = $180
Engaged Miles X .30 per mile
= 200 miles X . 30 = $60

Total Engaged Time and Mileage = $240

If the amount of your Gig earnings (not including customer tips) is less than the Minimum Earnings Guarantee, you will be paid the difference of the Guaranteed Earnings - Gig Earnings or in this case $240 - $200 = $40 .  Of course, you will still receive 100% of the customer tips you earned, in this case, $50. Customer tips are never part of the minimum earnings calculation.


Guaranteed Earnings FAQs:

How are “engaged time and mileage” calculated?

Engaged time and mileage are counted from the time you tap "Start Gig" in the Roadie app and head to pick-up until the time you tap "Complete Delivery" at dropoff. Because Roadie gives you the flexibility to choose when and where you want to drive, you always have the flexibility to make other stops along your suggested route -- as long as you arrive at pickup by the designated time shown in your Roadie app. 

For that reason, Roadie calculates engaged time and mileage based on your total estimated drive time and mileage as provided by a third-party service plus your actual wait time at the pick-up and delivery locations. 

For multi-delivery Gigs, engaged time is estimated from the time you tap "Start Gig" and start driving to the first stop and ends when you tap "Complete Delivery" at the final stop. As with single-delivery Gigs, the actual time spent at each pickup and drop off location will be included in your pay.  

Is there a minimum number of deliveries I need to complete each week to qualify for the Prop 22 Minimum Earnings Guarantee? 

No. Every Gig you complete qualifies for Prop 22 guaranteed minimum earnings.

If I’m eligible for a Minimum Earnings Guarantee adjustment, when will I receive it? 

At the end of each 14 day earnings period, any Minimum Earnings Adjustment will be added to your payout balance and will be included in your next payout.

When will I see my Minimum Earnings Guarantee adjustment in my account?

The payment of your Minimum Earnings Guarantee Adjustment will be in your bank account approximately 3-5 business days after you received the California Earnings Statement from Roadie. The Earnings Statements are sent every 14 days. 

Where can I find my Minimum Earnings Guarantee adjustment?

At the end of every Earnings Period, any Minimum Earnings Guarantee that needs to be made will be listed on your California Earnings Statement. You can also view it in the Roadie app or by logging in to and selecting Gig History. Note that not all drivers will be entitled to a Minimum Earnings Guarantee during every Earnings Period. 

If I’m driving for Doordash and for Roadie, do I get a separate Minimum Earnings Guarantee from each?

Yes. Under Prop 22 all Gig economy companies are required to make sure anyone providing services on their platform receives a Minimum Earnings Guarantee for each completed delivery.

Will I still be reimbursed for tolls and parking fees?

Yes. Nothing will change with respect to reimbursement for tolls and parking fees.

Are Minimum Earnings Guarantee adjustments taxable?

The amount of any Minimum Earnings Guarantee adjustment is taxable income and will be reported by Roadie on a 1099-MISC form or other applicable forms as required by law.

We recommend using a free filing service like TurboTax to help you better understand your annual earnings and potential deductions, or seeking guidance from a qualified tax professional.

What happens if I complete both California and non-California Gigs in an earnings period?

Only Gigs with pickup locations in California are subject to Prop 22, so your California Earnings Statement will only show information for your California Gigs, and only California Gigs are counted towards your Minimum Earnings Guarantee for a given earnings period.