FreshDirect Express FAQs

Where should I park for FreshDirect Express pickup? 

Manhattan: Drivers can park in the loading zone located in front of the facility on 52nd street. If the area is full, after checking in, drivers can wait on 51st street at the rear of the building in the loading zone.
Brooklyn: Pickup is inside the parking lot near the front of the facility. Drivers must check in with the guard and then proceed directly to the front of FreshDirect Express to pick up the items. FreshDirect Express only has spaces for 10 drivers at a time, so in the event the lot is full, a parking attendant may ask drivers to wait outside the gate until the load is ready. All vendors must have a company placard and drivers must keep it in their windshield upon entry. 


If a bag is missing at pickup, what should I do?
Ask a FreshDirect Express associate about the missing bag, and they’ll be able to retrieve it for you. If the bag is definitely missing, mark it as missing in the app. You should still deliver the rest of the order.


What if I’m not assigned my batch as soon as I arrive?
Once you check in, a FreshDirect Express associate will give you the status of your batch. If it won’t be ready for a while, you can wait in your car – we’ll send you the alert as soon as it’s ready.


What is the manifest and why do I need it? 
For each batch, you’ll receive a sheet of paper with all the information you need, just in case there are any technical difficulties. You can discard it after you complete your route. 


What if the customer isn’t home? 
If the customer isn’t home and you haven’t been able to get in touch via the Roadie app, wait 3 minutes and then contact FreshDirect Express at (718) 928-1600. When prompted press 9, and then 9 again to reach a FreshDirect Express Agent. FreshDirect Express will attempt to contact the customer and will authorize a return if needed. 


What if the customer is unhappy with their order?   
First, double check that you are delivering the correct order to the correct delivery location. If a customer is unhappy with their order, direct them to call FreshDirect Express Customer Service. You are not obligated to return any items to the FreshDirect Express depot. 


What is the payment breakdown for FreshDirect Express Gigs?
You’ll be paid a set amount per Gig, plus tips, that will be available for weekly pay or, after 7 days, Instant Pay. Then, each week, the Roadie Team will reconcile your per-Gig pay to the hourly pay you’re guaranteed and process any missing pay + $0.50 a mile, which includes the trip back to the FreshDirect Express depot. Those weekly pay adjustments will go to your bank on file. 


If you need additional assistance, you can contact us via chat on the website.