What is a Return Gig?

Sometimes, you may find that you run into an issue at the delivery location that prevents you from successfully delivering the Gig. In instances like this, you may need to create a return Gig. A return Gig is exactly what it sounds like – a Gig that guides you back to the pickup location so you can return the items. Reasons for creating a return Gig can include:

  • Unable to Get Signature 
  • Recipient Unavailable 
  • Recipient Refused Item(s)
  • Unable to Reach Drop-off Location
  • Unable to Verify Age for Signature That is 21+ Years Old 
  • Other Reason

If you run into any of the above issues, you can tap "Get Help" in the app and use the prompts to set up a return Gig. When you create a return Gig, it'll close out your current delivery and you'll be paid for attempting to deliver. Return Gigs pay the same amount as your initial delivery.

All Gigs that may potentially result in a return will have a “Return Possible” tag at the top of their Gig description, so you'll always have a heads-up about these kinds of deliveries. 


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.