How to get help and contact Customer Service

If you ever need help, our first suggestion is to visit our Help Center. The Help Center is full of FAQs and articles that may address the issue you’re experiencing. 

The Help Center can be found by going to, clicking the “Get Help” button on the Sender and Driver Dashboards, or by tapping “Get Help” within the driver app.

We recommend checking out our General FAQ page. We have resources that can help with anything from fraud to technical difficulties. If further assistance is required, we’ll direct you to a customer service representative via chat to help address your concerns as quickly as we can. 

If you’re a Driver, the Driver Dashboard is the best place to find everything you need to be a successful Driver on our platform. It is home to all of your driver stats plus helpful resources including:

  • Year-to-Date mileage and payment information
  • End-of-the-Year tax documents
  • App walk-through and how-to videos
  • Roadie News & Product Updates

If you need to speak to a human, you can access our Roadie Support team via the website’s chat widget which offers a live chat and email option to reach Support. And if you really need to call, our phone number is here.

We hope this helps! If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.