Theft FAQs

Experiencing theft is a difficult and disappointing situation. We understand the frustration that comes along with an incident like this and are here to help guide you through the process. 


In the event alleged theft takes place:

  • Please contact Roadie Support or your assigned Account Manager. 
  • Make sure to have the Gig details, Driver’s name, and any other pertinent information available.
  • A Roadie Support Agent or your designated Account Manager will promptly review the situation and attempt to communicate with the driver. In most cases, a misunderstanding or miscommunication occurred during the delivery, causing an unexpected delay for the recipient. 
  • However, if the Roadie Support Agent or Account Manager is unsuccessful in contacting the Driver, the situation will be escalated to the Trust & Safety team. 
  • Trust & Safety is responsible for investigating the case, taking action on the driver’s account, and reviewing the theft-related claim.
  • To expedite police intervention, please file a police report with local authorities. Trust & Safety will work directly with law enforcement to aid in the apprehension of a suspect and/or retrieval of stolen goods.  Be sure to provide law enforcement with in the event any personal information about the Driver is needed. 
  • After a police report is filed, please complete a claim form for any stolen goods. Instructions on how to file a claim can be found here


  • Roadie cannot guarantee a police report will be filed on your behalf. Many law enforcement agencies require reports to be completed by the sender. 
  • Without a validly issued subpoena, Roadie will not provide personal identifiable information of drivers to any party outside of law enforcement.
  • Roadie’s Trust & Safety team will make the final decision regarding a driver’s account status on the Roadie Platform in its sole discretion. Roadie will not communicate to any sender or recipient any final actions taken against the driver.
  • Please be aware, that unless otherwise agreed to by Roadie, recipients must work directly with the sender to obtain a refund or replacement. 


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.