How to set up multiple deliveries at once

Senders can set up multiple deliveries at once using our Bulk Uploads process.


How to import multiple deliveries at once:

  1. From the Sender Dashboard, click on Bulk Upload
  2. Download the provided .csv file
  3. Open the file, which contains all the necessary delivery information, and enter the required information
  4. Upload the .csv file after the information has been entered
  5. Wait for the file to be validated and checked for errors

After the validation process is complete there may be errors.

In the examples below you will notice suggestions and issues at the bottom of the page. The issues are what need to be taken care of before continuing.


After fixing the errors and entering the required information, you can now reupload the file.


When the file comes back for review and the errors have been fixed, check on the suggestions and acknowledge the correct address for each delivery.


Follow these steps when reviewing the price:

  1. Review the price before creating the deliveries
  2. Select the card on file or add a new card for payment
  3. Review base rate, coverage, and extra compensation

How to complete creating the Bulk Deliveries:

  1. Click on Create Deliveries and wait for the validation
  2. Once the deliveries are uploaded, click the link provided to go back to the dashboard
  3. Refresh the page to see the deliveries


If you need additional assistance, you can always contact us via chat on the website.