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I really like the idea of this app and think it could theoretically be used to make a lot of money. However after trying it, I have some suggestions how to make it work much better.

1. Give drivers the ability to see and read the offers that we have already submitted to the available gigs. Currently drivers cannot read their own offers we have made under myGigs.

2. Allow the driver to set time perimeters for the offers we make. Allow us to set it good until a certain time & date or to set the offer to no time limit until cancelled.

3. Allow the driver to make an offer for a higher amount than is originally posted by Roadie while also and allowing the customer/sender to accept the new price, or make a counter offer. Once an offer is accepted by both parties, allow the Roadie computer system to automatically bill the client and pay the driver the new agreed negotiated rate. At no time, though, can an offer be made or accepted at a rate that is lower than the amount that was originally posted by Roadie.

4. Allow the customer/sender to tip the driver through the Roadie computer system for at least 30 days or more. Some drivers go the extra mile and some senders want to tip them for it electronically. But the customer does not always get to it right away. It might be a week, a month or more before they have the time or money.

5. Make a discount deal for drivers with the gas companies (ie. Chevron, Amoco, etc.), for discounted rates on gasoline (or even pre-paid gas or business accounts which are cheapest).

6. Make a discount deal for drivers with the Travel Centers (ie. Pilot, Loves, etc.).

7. Make a discount deal for drivers on rates with hotels and motels (ie. Embassy Suites, Motel 66, etc).

8. Make a deal with satellite radio (ie. Sirius/XM) for drivers to use while on a gig.

9. Market this idea on billboards, tv and radio in all the major US cities. I saw it on a billboard in Atlanta while driving across country but no place else. ???

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