Delivery Attempted Button

For local Gigs from stores it would be great to have a delivery attempted option when customers are unresponsive. I was out completing a Gig delivery and received no response from customer and the support called me back hours later. I was out on this Gig standing by for approximately one hour.

Meanwhile I was making offers on other Gigs which were accepted but could not proceed to initiate them because the App showed me currently making a delivery. I lost out on the opportunity to complete another 4-5 Gigs and was basically sidelined for the rest of the day waiting for support to call back.

I think it would make better sense to have the delivery attempted option and have support contact the driver. Many times a driver will not speak to a live person and has to leave a message awaiting a response. This way, support knows what is going, the driver can proceed on other Gigs and await a response from support.

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