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  • Updating Account Settings

    Here at Roadie we want you to be successful, and to help you do that we make it fast and easy for you to update your ...

  • The Type of Support We Offer and How to Access it

      If you ever need help, our first suggestion is to visit our Help Center. The Help Center is full of FAQs and articl...

  • Password Reset

    Whether you’re a sender who forgot your password or driver who had their account locked due to too many incorrect pas...

  • My Account is Locked

    Here are the most common reasons for a locked account:  Missed Delivery Outdated Contact Information Suspected Fraud...

  • How Do I Delete My Account?

    Need help deactivating your account? No problem!    Deleting your Sender account: Send an email to

  • How and when do I get paid?

    We know you value consistency and transparency. That’s why we offer weekly payouts via direct deposit, processed ever...

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